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Warranty at Randash Auto

Thank you for coming to Randashauto.com and considering a vehicle purchase! What is the biggest concern that most people have with the purchase of a used vehicle?


Consider this scenario; You purchase a used car from a local dealer on a contract. The car seems to be in great condition when you purchase, but 6 months into the contract, the transmission fails. What are you to do? Can you afford up to $2500 for a new transmission?

Randash Auto Center takes the worry out of your used car purchase!

Randash Vehicle Protection Plus: Protection for your preowned vehicle

Feel safe and enjoy your vehicle purchase!

This warranty coverage is included with all of our in-house financed vehicles (*except diesels).

Plan Coverage

  1. Gasoline Engines Only: All internally lubricated parts and related items. The engine block, cylinder head(s), valve cover(s), timing cover and oil pan are covered only if damaged by an internally lubricated part.
  2. Transmission/Transaxle: (Automatic or Standard) All internally lubricated parts and related items. The transmission case, bell housing and oil pan are also covered only if damaged by internally lubricated components.(Automatic Transmission Filter is excluded from coverage)
  3. Electrical: starter, alternator and voltage regulator.
  4. Fluids as required are included as part of a covered repair.
  5. Towing Assistance: In the event of a mechanical breakdown, towing will be provided to you.
  6. This agreement is limited to 50% of the value of the vehicle.
  7. Terms of Warranty: Warranty is only valid during the length of the contract. This warranty is not refundable and is not transferable.
  8. Parts to be used will be at Randash Auto's discretion.
  9. In case of mechanical failure call (406) 256-6570

What is NOT covered:

  1. Damage due to accidents.
  2. Damage due to lack of maintenance or abuse.
  3. Normal maintenance (oil, filter, etc.)
  4. Wear items (tires, batteries, etc.)
  5. Diagnostic warning lights (example: service engine soon, check engine light, etc.)

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