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What's in the Price at Randash Auto

Each day customers visit Randash Auto Center and are surprised by what is included in the price of our vehicles. We believe our customers should have a worry-free experience after purchasing their vehicle for a years to come. This is why we INCLUDE the following list in every vehicle that we sell.

* INCLUDED - A 60 point inspection followed by fixing and repairing whatever this inspection uncovers. When we purchase a used vehicle we thoroughly inspect each vehicle. Our average repair per vehicle exceeds $1500.00 in repairs. We know that you count on your vehicle everyday so we take pride in repairing the vehicles so that you can buy with confidence.

* INCLUDED – Up to a 24 month/24,000 mile power train warranty. In addition, you deal with us for warranty claims. We cover the internally lubricated parts of the engine & transmission, starter, alternator and the water pump. There is no deductible. If you were to request the price of a 24/24 power train warranty from a company that sells warranties, it would exceed over $2000.00.

* INCLUDED - A 14 day mechanical. Although we do our absolute best to catch everything a vehicle needs during the inspection and repair process, we want to know in the first 14 days if we missed anything.

* INCLUDED - Oil changes and inspections for the life of your loan with on time payments. Our goal is to sell a well serviced and inspected vehicle at time of sale, but we also feel the maintenance should continue long after you buy the vehicle. We have 8 technicians at our Bozeman location to handle your future service work along with the free oil changes and courtesy inspections.

* INCLUDED - Towing. If you happen to break down and warranty work is required, we will pay up to $75.00 of towing assistance so that your vehicle can be delivered to Randash Auto Center for the warranty repair.

The total of all of these items would cost nearly $5000.00 at other dealers, but yes we INCLUDE all of these things in our prices so it’s truly worry-free for you, the customer. This is very important to realize when comparing us to others and their prices, or when you are looking up prices online. You are buying much more than a vehicle when you buy from Randash Auto Center.

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